In 2020 Kabul's winter, people celebrated valeintine's day as well as the old man who might remembered his young ages.

Selling Valeintine's love bsllons to earn some money and buy food for his family. I asked him if he goes to school and got a Big YES as answer then my eyes filled with hope.

They escaped from war. their family seeked for a bright future for their children and went to Kabul refugee camps. Some NGOs helped them but they realy needed support to grow in right way.

A young AFghan Who seeks for a future that his dreams are able to come true. He says that Afghanistan environment and society is not ready to accept his dreams and thoughts.

The girls wanted toys to play but they have forced to read and study Quran instead.

Burqa, an old Afghan tradational wear for women then think the burqa is islamic Hijab but Arabs don't knows what burqa is. It's all come from low level thoughts and uneducated society.

Selling pomegranate, it seems that this is the only way to feed his family; Said he.


Kah Froshi street.

One of the most popular locations in Afghanistan is the Kah Froshi Street. And the people who come here every day.

From Badakhshan povince mountains to a beautifull Afghan Girl's Ears. Completly Made from Afghanistan mines resources. the gold is from Takhar and the ruby is from Badakhshan.